Sunday, June 7, 2015

lunch with a seal + otter

Our friend Annie told Susie and I that if you visit the Fisherman's Warf in Victoria, you can feed the seals. What does that mean? Exactly what you think! Susie and I might have raised an eyebrow at the idea because how can you feed a wild animal from a dock? Turns out you can and it’s super easy! All you do is buy a platter of dead fish from a fish joint on the dock for $4 then hang over the dock and dangle the fish! I have to admit, I watched a couple of kids do this before I gave it a try.

When I was up for feeding the seals, they were apparently full so a couple otters came by for a snack. He climbed right up the dock which was super cool!

After feeding our ocean friends, we wanted to get some food of our own. Susie was super eager to try out Red Fish Blue Fish right on the water in Victoria. We waited about an hour to order our food - this place is a hot spot in town!

xo sara

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