Tuesday, June 9, 2015

cactus club in vancouver

I finally made it to the much talked about Cactus Club! This West Coast favourite chain is a great spot to go to if you want decent sized portions, delicious food and modern decor. 

Susie and I had a lovely evening here - we ordered The Szechuan Chicken Lettuce Wraps which had a sweet and spicy szechuan glaze, peanuts, wontons, Korean chilly sauce and spicy yogurt. Since we are on the West Coast, we had to order fish! We also had the Civiche which has lois lake steelhead, sustainably harvested prawns, red onions, thai basil, mint, cilantro and nuor cham. I'm usually very hesitant to order civiche at a restaurant because it's usually $16 with a couple of items in a tiny bowl. I have to say that the portion size of the civiche at Cactus Club was really fair!

To my Toronto friends -> did you hear that there will be a Cactus Club opening in your hood soon?!

xo sara

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