Friday, June 6, 2014

oak + fort comes to toronto

When it comes to great shopping, years ago I would never have put Toronto down for a great place to go. As our city has grown rapidly, more and more great styles from across the globe have ventured our way. Oak + Fort is a new favourite of mine and they recently opened up at Shops at Don Mills (an outdoor shopping mall). If you're looking for easy breezy style thats affordable, this is the place you need to visit. Originally from Vancouver, Oak + Fort mimics that laid back yet put together West Coast style.

Can't make it to Shops at Don Mills? No sweat because they have a pop up shop on Queen West until they can secure a permanent location downtown.

{Images above via Toronto Life}

After religiously scanning their website, I finally made it into their store and picked up a few items. I'm 5'-3" which makes it hard to buy dresses from time to time. Wearing flats with a dress is often not an option since it makes me look even shorter than I actually am. I paired this long white dress below with a black bootie and was happy with the combination. 

- Buy this dress online here -

Women know that heels aren't the best for your feet but it doesn't matter because we wear them anyway! Having a heel with a covered top (bootie) is better then one without because it helps to securely keep your foot in place. After spotting this black bootie online, it was the first thing I went for as I stepped into the Oak + Fort store. 

- Buy this black bootie online here -

While I was browsing the store, I spotted Bianca from Kastor & Pollux who was working there. (she's the girl on the left in the image below). If you don't already follow this blog, you totally should. These two gals do an awesome job at turning ordinary fashion photography into pieces of art. Great meeting you Bianca!

ps Kastor & Pollux turned 3 yesterday, happy birthday! xx

{Image above via Kastor & Pollux}

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