Wednesday, June 25, 2014

field trip music festival // toronto

This post is a little overdue but it's better late then never! A few friends and I went to Field Trip Music Festival in Toronto at the beginning of June. After listening to Indie88 religiously everyday, the lineup for this concert was mostly all recognizable bands for me thanks to them. This was also a great opportunity to get to discover new bands, check out awesome food trucks and meet cool people.

Vintage jean jacket from The Gap (originally my Nana's) // Dress: ZARA // Shoes: Vionic

The key accessory to any festival is having good footwear. Nathan and I wore our Vionic sandals which were a dream! These shoes have a built-in orthotic footbed which kept us comfortable and dancing the whole weekend. 

Somersby Cider had a game of Twister so of course Janelle, Pam and I had to give it a try!

We visited the Indie88 booth and they were awesome to chat with. They gave us posters and key chain bottle openers (those will be put to great use this summer). I met my girl crush Raina who does the "How Dare You" chat just after 5:00pm every day. If you are in for a good laugh, listen in and discover how ridiculous people are.

There was a hoola hoop garden, can you believe it? Sugar Hoops has tons of  hoola hoops for everyone to use and there were trained professionals available to help you become a master too!

Chvrches were incredible! Download their latest album online here.

A Tribe Called Red were also amazing live!

xo sara

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

beginning of summer

My family and I spent this past weekend at the cottage celebrating the first day of summer! I made an impulse buy last week at Urban Outfitters where I bought this giant floaty swan. I didn't realize how massive it was until I took it for a swim. It will be able to hold at least 2 people for serious tanning sessions this summer. I'm also pretty tempted to buy a couple and have killer swan wars. 

Had to do the classic feet shot for summer! I'm wearing my new Tide II sandals from Vionic. These are incredible because of the built-in orthotics which helps with my over-pronation. They are also perfect for the cottage because they float incase they take a dip into the water!

It's appetizer and drink time when the sun starts to set at the cottage!

xo sara

Monday, June 23, 2014

anniversary evening

Nathan's outfit - Top: J.Crew // Dress pants: Gotstyle // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
My outfit - Dress: J.Crew // Purse: Cole Haan

Nathan and I celebrated our anniversary the other evening in Toronto! Last year I was away travelling on our anniversary so I called a pizza company in Toronto all the way from Portugal to delivery a pizza to Nathan's office. I guess this is our little tradition now because I did it again this year! Pizzaiolo were so awesome and beautifully decorated the pizza with toppings in the shape of a heart.

I gave Nathan pizza for lunch and he gave me wine, calamari and pizza for dinner at Terroni on Adelaide! This is one of our favourite restaurants in Toronto.

xo sara

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Shop for women

Shop for men

I am kind of obsessed with this hanging brass rod. It is totally do-able right? Why not head to your local home building store and pick up an extra large piece of brass. By speaking to the expert at your hardware store, you can do your own thing and make it fit your space. Don't forget to take this picture when you go to the hardware store!

{Images via Kloke}

xo sara