Friday, May 9, 2014

closing the door on winter

Hey there bloggers, sorry I've been so MIA. Lot's has been going on in my life lately so I sadly had to step away from the blogging world. I plan on returning with a little more lifestyle posts and day to day outings. Please make note that I have changed the URL from to

To the Canadians out there, let's all take a deep breath and pat ourselves on the back because we lasted through the longest winter ever. Don't get me wrong, I love a pretty snowfall and being able to enjoy the great white north but this year was absolutely ridiculous!

Below are a few scenes of the end of winter 

One of my favourite times of the ski season is right at the very end when spring has arrived. It's so fun to hit the hills with only a light jacket or sweater on! Osler always sets up a BBQ outside as a little celebration to a great season. We broke a club record by staying open until after Easter!

There's dad doing a little cabin maintenance! We had a little leak into the front room and it all froze. It was literally a skating rink and we couldn't open the front door! Pulled out the hair dryer and all was fine.

There have been a pair of weathered vintage skis outside forever which I think were my uncles at one point in time. What do you think, can we manage another season on these bad boys?

Bon voyage snow!

xo sara

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