Saturday, March 22, 2014

toronto fashion week

:: March 18 | 9:00pm | David Dixon ::

Wedding season is coming up so it was exciting to see so many beautiful wedding gowns by David Dixon. It never crossed my mind to have a pale pink gown, but after seeing his collection, its a beautiful idea!

After the David Dixon fashion show, Susie and I got our nails done by Maybelline. I've never tried their nail polish before and I was pleasantly surprised. The colours were cute and most importantly, the manicure lasted. Susie got her make-up done too!

:: March 19 | 3:00pm | Christopher Bates ::

xo sara

Monday, March 17, 2014

the canadian screen awards

I was able to attend a fun filled week of events each night for the Canadian Screen Awards. There were 2 gala nights at the Sheridan Hotel in Toronto, party at The Hoxton and the finale which was Sunday night at the Sony Centre.

:: Gala Evening ::

I went into the hair and make-up lounge and saw Tracy Moore getting her make-up done!

:: The After Party at The Ritz Bar ::

:: Academy Social at The Hoxton ::

The gorgeous ladies of The Social hosted the Academy Social at The Hoxton which was lot's of fun! Steamwhistle sponsored the evening (free drinks!) which was super awesome and the place was filled with Toronto fashion bloggers, film people and media.

Always a pleasure seeing Spiro from It's All Style To Me!

Having some camera fun with Holly and Samantha
(#AcademySocial pictures taken by Arthur Mola)

:: Canadian Screen Awards at The Sony Centre ::

I spotted Cheryl Hickey and Roz Weston on the red carpet as well as George Stroumboulopoulos and Jay Baruchel! Side note - if I could be friends with a fictitious character, it would totally be Jay Baruchel's character in Knocked Up. Such a funny guy in that movie.

xo sara

Saturday, March 1, 2014

geometric lighting love

Goodbye chandeliers dripping in crystals and hello beautiful geometric lighting! Over the past few years, lighting has gone in a completely different direction. When I look at geometric lighting, I think of what the artist was thinking when they created a piece of this unique style. Were they at a rave and had an amazing idea to recreate the evening into a pendent light? Possibly. Tempting to ask them. How do you feel about geometric lighting, super into them?

My . New . Obsession

So kinky + awesome.

xo sara