Wednesday, February 5, 2014

valentine's day doughnut party

February can be a grinding month if you live up in the great white north because it's been cold for awhile now and people are getting a little sick of it. The upside is that Valentine's Day is next week. You know love is in the air and spring is right around the corner.

Valentine's Day can come with many expectations which makes the whole holiday not that fun sometimes. We all know what the typical evening consists of - going out for a pre fix dinner at $100 a pop and having some ordinary love-enfused dish that you will probably hate. Why not stay in and have a doughnut party with your true love? Let's think about how cute this would be for a second - you get to hang out at home, you can bake whatever cute dish you like and get to use your fun and colourful china! 

{Images via The College Prepster}

xo sara

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