Thursday, February 20, 2014

snowy winter adventures

We have had one of the snowiest (that's a word right?) winters ever! From the beginning of December up until now, the ground has been covered in white snow. My friends and I were able to take advantage of this snow. We spent the day trekking in our snowshoes soaking in the winter white wonderland up here in Canada.

So happy I was able to spend the day with my cousin Rebecca - She has been quite the world traveller spending the past year in school abroad. It was nice spending a winter day with you!

My Grandparents were very fond of travelling so they wanted to mimic their favourite places at our chalet. There are about 14 massive Mexican tin masks all over the walls and gorgeous area rugs. It's our little "Spanish Oasis". 

My snowshoeing outfit
Sweater - North Face // Boots - Sorel // Vest - North Face // Mittens - The Bay

xo sara

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