Saturday, February 8, 2014

first time in las vegas

Ever since I turned 21 I have been dying to visit the city of lights. Last summer I went Las Vegas for work and had such a great time. It was surprisingly a lot smaller than I had imagined. The strip downtown was insane with flashing lights everywhere, people walking around in costumes and most of the hotels had some kind of water show going on with splashing water and music. 

The Wynn hotel is absolutely remarkable. They had this asian section that had hanging lanterns and umbrellas. I felt like I was in China, it was so beautiful! 

The mosaic floor was stunning, I mean look at it! The attention to detail at this place was exquisite. Every room was decked to the nines.

Donna and I out for dinner and drinks at Wynn!

We saw David Copperfield the illusionist which was incredible!! I even got to go up on stage with a few others and we made a few items disappear. I couldn't stop smiling when I was up there. I highly recommend this show, you will have such a great time!

Below is Amanda and I woking at the Vionic booth at Magic Market week!

Did you ever walk Laguna Beach or The Hills? If you did then you can get a sense of how excited I was to see Kristin Cavallari debuting her new shoe line with Chinese Laundry! 

In front of The Mirage hotel is an awesome lava show! With lots of music, lights and water, they have created an amazing illusion of a volcano erupting.  

I'll be going back to Vegas in a week and I'm so exited to get away from this chilly weather!

xo sara

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