Wednesday, January 8, 2014

winter classic :: leafs vs red wings

Growing up in Canada means you are a hockey fan. No matter what. It's the passion that unites us all. When I had the chance to go to the 2014 Winter Classic game, I jumped on it. Me along with a few friends drove the treacherous drive along the 401 to Ann Arbour, Michigan to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play against the Detroit Red Wings at The Big House. If you have never been to The Big House before, I strongly suggest you make the trip for a College football game. Built in 1927, this stadium holds 109,901 people! We hit a record high for largest attendance in hockey history with 105,491 dedicated fans and 8.2 million television viewers in the US and Canada. 

Curious to see what the crowd looked like at this game? Visit this link to see how bundled up everyone was. If you were at the game then visit and tag yourself and your friends!

This truly was the most picture perfect hockey game of all time.

Something to keep in mind if you plan on visiting Ann Arbour, their taxi's are unique to the city. What does that mean? Each cab is individually owned and run, so finding a cab was pretty difficult. Given that there were 100,000 in a town of 110,000, they did a pretty good job at getting people to where they needed to be.

Guess what . . . The Leafs won 3-2 in a shootout!

The walk from The Big House to downtown was a sea of red and blue jerseys. It was a neat atmosphere because although there were no stand out people that were loud about winning, everyone was walking together as though they knew each other and truly living this great moment. 

Finding a place to have a few beers and dinner downtown was horrendous - every bar and restaurant was packed with at least a 2 hour waiting list. We ventured down one of the main streets and came across this German bar called Heidelberg. After visiting Germany this past summer (view post here), I can say that this place did a spot on job at recreating that German feel!

We sat in the basement amongst a handful of Toronto fans which was pretty awesome. A few of the boys got a 'das boot' which is either a litre or two of beer in a glass shaped liked a boot. To keep with German tradition, you are not allowed to place 'das boot' on the table until your full beer is finished. I was pretty proud that they boys almost made it to the end without putting their beers down!

If you are in the area and happen to pop into this spot, make sure you ask for Vincenté. He literally ran the entire basement bar and was top drawer. Not only was he a rockstar but he got to know our table and truly helped make this historic night in hockey history memorable.

Happy birthday to my boyfriend Nathan! So proud of you with all that you have accomplished over the past few years and the man that you are today. Thank you for always supporting me and helping me follow my dreams.

Did you go to the game and nearly loose all your toes and fingers? 

Tell me about your experience!

xo sara

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