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masculine monday :: the rise of men's fashion

Guest Post by Rob James

Rob James is a fashion student studying in the UK.  He believes that the growing trend for men taking more pride in their appearance can only be a good thing.  Rob loves winter and the opportunity to wear cashmere again.

Over the last decade, men's fashion has simply exploded. It has become an industry of its own, with all of the fittings and trappings that women's fashion has always enjoyed. It is no longer unusual for men to care about their clothes, it is no longer considered odd for men to want to look as good as the women that they live and interact with. It can only be a good thing - why shouldn't the boys get to experiment with their look?

Way back in the 1920s, men's fashion was considered to be just as important as women's fashion. It seems like we're moving back towards those times - these days, male shoppers are more interested in tailoring, grooming and putting together outfits in a very particular way. The fashion industry is in the process of becoming a much more level playing field, says Guardian expert Simon Chilvers. Here are three winter jackets that the guys seem to be going gaga for.

Sporting Casual
Once upon a time, the casual sports jacket conjured up images of football hooligans and white collar fascists. We're almost twenty years on from those times, and this trend has finally come full circle. It is currently proving very popular with guys in their mid to late twenties. If you're looking for a stylish jacket of this type, stick with the classic brands and labels. You can't go wrong with Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren or even Ben Sherman, say the experts at Edinburgh News. The casual sports jacket looks very smart when teamed with lightweight cashmere knitwear, chinos and Oxford loafers. The key is to err on the preppy side, rather than make your outfit look as masculine as possible.

Classic Jackets
The classic jacket is a three quarter length coat, usually made of wool or cashmere. For the best deal on cashmere jumpers, cardigans, scarves and jackets - visit This kind of jacket is usually worn in fairly neutral tones, but you can buy one in almost any colour that you like. As far as classic styles go, this type of coat is extremely sophisticated. It's a great way to wrap up during the winter months, so why not invest in one of your own?

Leather Jackets
What can be said about the leather jacket that hasn't already been said a hundred times before? It's one of the most timeless garments in history - ever since Marlon Brando smouldered in his leather  jacket in The Wild One, guys and girls have been adding it to their wardrobes. If you are going to buy a leather jacket, don't skimp on the price. The very best products will last for decades, so do choose yours very carefully. A leather jacket can be successfully teamed with almost anything. You can do the Marlon Brando and wear it with stone washed denim jeans and biker boots - or you can soften it up a little with a beautiful cashmere sweater and some comfortable loafers.

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