Monday, January 20, 2014

masculine monday :: manhattan loft

There is something about a masculine space that gets me excited. Maybe its the stark white against earth tones and a surprising pop of colour? Whatever it is, I can't get enough. This Manhattan loft has all the elements that goes into making a handsome bachelor pad. 

Subtle colour blocking is always a great design secret to try. I also love the antique vases/artifacts separating the books. This bookshelf looks like its accumulated many interesting books over the years.

It always fascinates me looking inside someone office drawers. For starters you never really get the chance to because it's someone personal and private space. My desk drawers are a forever unorganized bin of stuff. No matter how tidy I may keep the surface, the drawers are my secret place I hide things.

This closet it what really struck my eye about this loft. I mean how awesome is that shoe shelf! I've never seen so many shoes owned by a man before - love it. 

{Images via Domino}

xo sara

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