Sunday, January 26, 2014

chic sunday dinner

Whether you live in your family home, with friends or your hubby, Sunday night dinner is something that can be enjoyed by everyone. It's the one day of the week that in my personal opinion has been selected as family day. It also is the meal that will prepare you for the week ahead so make sure it's a good one. 

How do you make your Sunday night dinner spectacular? Get a few short vases and make an assortment of different flower displays, mix and match your plates (keep with the same colours) and don't forget to accessorize with a few candles!

{Image via Lonny}

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Friday, January 24, 2014

do you even axe throw bro?

I can't say I've ever thrown an axe before, its not the most common skill one would have. But trust me when I tell you that it was a great way to spend a Sunday. The whole act of throwing an axe in one hand and sipping from a can in the other was super new to me, so it took a little getting used to. A few friends and I went last weekend and had a total blast.

Matt Wilson started an axe throwing league in his backyard years ago and after it became a popular activity, he decided to grow his business outside of his yard. He created B.A.T.L. which stands for Backyard Axe Throwing League where us regular folk can rent a few lanes and have some good old axe throwing fun. They book up pretty quickly so make sure you schedule your party in advance.

I mean seriously, how much more Canadian can you get? 

So have I tempted you? Interested in giving axe throwing a try?

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 ids preview

I am beyond excited for the Interior Design Show opening night party tonight. This is one of the design events to go to because you can see all the top suppliers and retailers all at once, get to know them personally and there is always lots going on. If you haven't bought a ticket yet, you can get one online here or at the door.

Right away Cocoon Furnishings caught my eye. Their showroom is located Oakville and this evening they will be launching the Aerin Lauder collection that will be exclusive to their showroom in Canada. Their booth is absolutely breathtaking. They combined pieces from Aerin's collection with other items from their store. 

This vintage Persian rug has been bleached in the sun and over-died to be a vibrant green. It looks absolutely stunning against this gold-leaf mirror!

This Aerin server has a stone top - such a good idea! This would keep me worry free from scratches and glass rings. 

Anytime I have a painting project, my go-to is PARA Paints. There are really friendly and their paint is awesome and it's made in Canada (plus they love working with bloggers!) Be sure to stop by their booth tonight for a little gift and their 2014 Colour Trends passport book.

See you tonight!

xo sara

Monday, January 20, 2014

masculine monday :: manhattan loft

There is something about a masculine space that gets me excited. Maybe its the stark white against earth tones and a surprising pop of colour? Whatever it is, I can't get enough. This Manhattan loft has all the elements that goes into making a handsome bachelor pad. 

Subtle colour blocking is always a great design secret to try. I also love the antique vases/artifacts separating the books. This bookshelf looks like its accumulated many interesting books over the years.

It always fascinates me looking inside someone office drawers. For starters you never really get the chance to because it's someone personal and private space. My desk drawers are a forever unorganized bin of stuff. No matter how tidy I may keep the surface, the drawers are my secret place I hide things.

This closet it what really struck my eye about this loft. I mean how awesome is that shoe shelf! I've never seen so many shoes owned by a man before - love it. 

{Images via Domino}

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

shout out in house and home

I use Twitter quite often and have found that the more you use it, the more beneficial it becomes. You can find out breaking news, see what's exciting in your industry and let the world know your thoughts now and again. It's also fun to see if you can get a full thought out in 140 characters or less.

After attending the House and Home trends breakfast in December, I got to hear first hand what was hot for 2014. Suzanne Dimma and style editors Stacey Smithers and Joel Bray went through the trends and let us know how we can stay trendy for the year. I have to say that I was impressed with a lot of the tricks for this year and of course couldn't stop tweeting about them. Looks like my tweets were being heard by the team over at House and Home!

This tweet was featured on their RSVP page in the February tablet issue. I have recently been getting the House and Home magazines on my iPad and really love it. There are more features and it lets you actually interact with the copy and images. One of my friends from my graphic design course has been working for House and Home for a bit now in the DPS and tablet department - way to go on another great issue Lianne!

Thanks for the shout it!

xo sara

Saturday, January 18, 2014

modern scandinavian style

There is something about Scandinavian style that is so calming and yet edgy. They manage to create a neutral space with pops of excitement. This home has just that. I mean have you checked out that dining room table and chandelier below?! I would be too nervous to have a dinner party thinking that something might happen to my beautiful table. Is it new? Is it mid-century? It's everything rolled into one. 

An all marble bathroom? Yes please! You can splish splash all over the place without a worry.

{Images via fashionsquad}

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Friday, January 17, 2014

damsel in dior in nyc

Winter is still here but luckily the snow has been dwindling away. This time of year is beautiful because the days are getting slightly longer, there are still twinkling lights in the trees and there is only a dusting of snow on the ground. Damsel in Dior is a regular read of mine but she always posts about her style in a sunny part of the world. She recently visited NYC and totally rocked this winter look.

{Images via damsel in dior}

Theory Driya Shirt {$225, $112} // Zara Hairy Booties {similar pair here} // Black Tippi Sweater {$80} // Tan Zara Coat {similar one here} // CĂ©line Tote {similar one here and here} // Black Leather Gloves {$96} // Helmut Lang Pull On Jeans {$195}

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

can i live here?

There is something about this home that has a Kelly Wearstler flair. Maybe it's the wow factor that excites you and makes you want to keep looking at pictures of the home to see what other surprises lay ahead. Each room is like an outfit or story entirely on it's own. Creating spaces like this really takes time and patience so best thing is to make a list. Ask yourself what story you would like to tell and where you would like to begin. 

Painting out all moulding, doors and window frames are a super hot trend for 2014. I did this in my bedroom and dining room and it makes the room appear much larger than it actually is. 

That ceiling . . . 

Do I spy a hand chair by artist Pedro Friedeberg? Indeed I do! And what about those painted floors - if I was able to do this in my home, I completely would. There is much talk around the family of painting the floors at my cottage. I'm nudging towards painting a pattern on them but the majority are favouring the all over one colour. Stay tuned to see what the summer painting jobs are!

Wallpaper on the ceiling? This design trick really makes this white room be bold.

The homeowners hand picked each album, the requirements were it had to be all good tracks front to back. It had to be released when they were in high school. If I ever did this to my home then I guess I would have Blur, Coldplay, Collective Soul, Dave Matthews Band, Britney (I'm pretty obsessed), Dixie Chicks, Michael Jackson, The Fray, Gavin DeGraw, Goo Goo Dolls, Jack Johnson, John Mayer (side note ... really hope he marries Katy Perry), Jurassic 5, The Killers and Kings of Leon to name a few. 

Who would be on your ceiling? I think I need to dig out a few CD's to really remember who I listened to in high school. Do those 'Now' and 'Big Shiny Tunes' albums count?

You can buy one of these awesome hanging globe chairs here.

{Images via D Magazine}

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Monday, January 13, 2014

masculine monday :: the rise of men's fashion

Guest Post by Rob James

Rob James is a fashion student studying in the UK.  He believes that the growing trend for men taking more pride in their appearance can only be a good thing.  Rob loves winter and the opportunity to wear cashmere again.

Over the last decade, men's fashion has simply exploded. It has become an industry of its own, with all of the fittings and trappings that women's fashion has always enjoyed. It is no longer unusual for men to care about their clothes, it is no longer considered odd for men to want to look as good as the women that they live and interact with. It can only be a good thing - why shouldn't the boys get to experiment with their look?

Way back in the 1920s, men's fashion was considered to be just as important as women's fashion. It seems like we're moving back towards those times - these days, male shoppers are more interested in tailoring, grooming and putting together outfits in a very particular way. The fashion industry is in the process of becoming a much more level playing field, says Guardian expert Simon Chilvers. Here are three winter jackets that the guys seem to be going gaga for.

Sporting Casual
Once upon a time, the casual sports jacket conjured up images of football hooligans and white collar fascists. We're almost twenty years on from those times, and this trend has finally come full circle. It is currently proving very popular with guys in their mid to late twenties. If you're looking for a stylish jacket of this type, stick with the classic brands and labels. You can't go wrong with Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren or even Ben Sherman, say the experts at Edinburgh News. The casual sports jacket looks very smart when teamed with lightweight cashmere knitwear, chinos and Oxford loafers. The key is to err on the preppy side, rather than make your outfit look as masculine as possible.

Classic Jackets
The classic jacket is a three quarter length coat, usually made of wool or cashmere. For the best deal on cashmere jumpers, cardigans, scarves and jackets - visit This kind of jacket is usually worn in fairly neutral tones, but you can buy one in almost any colour that you like. As far as classic styles go, this type of coat is extremely sophisticated. It's a great way to wrap up during the winter months, so why not invest in one of your own?

Leather Jackets
What can be said about the leather jacket that hasn't already been said a hundred times before? It's one of the most timeless garments in history - ever since Marlon Brando smouldered in his leather  jacket in The Wild One, guys and girls have been adding it to their wardrobes. If you are going to buy a leather jacket, don't skimp on the price. The very best products will last for decades, so do choose yours very carefully. A leather jacket can be successfully teamed with almost anything. You can do the Marlon Brando and wear it with stone washed denim jeans and biker boots - or you can soften it up a little with a beautiful cashmere sweater and some comfortable loafers.

{Images one, two, three}

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Friday, January 10, 2014

childrens shoes made by freshly picked

Susan Peterson from Freshly Picked makes children's moccasins with love in Utah. Not sure what it is about these little shoes, but they make me so happy!

- Buy a pair at her online store at - 

{Images via Freshly Picked}

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

winter classic :: leafs vs red wings

Growing up in Canada means you are a hockey fan. No matter what. It's the passion that unites us all. When I had the chance to go to the 2014 Winter Classic game, I jumped on it. Me along with a few friends drove the treacherous drive along the 401 to Ann Arbour, Michigan to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play against the Detroit Red Wings at The Big House. If you have never been to The Big House before, I strongly suggest you make the trip for a College football game. Built in 1927, this stadium holds 109,901 people! We hit a record high for largest attendance in hockey history with 105,491 dedicated fans and 8.2 million television viewers in the US and Canada. 

Curious to see what the crowd looked like at this game? Visit this link to see how bundled up everyone was. If you were at the game then visit and tag yourself and your friends!

This truly was the most picture perfect hockey game of all time.

Something to keep in mind if you plan on visiting Ann Arbour, their taxi's are unique to the city. What does that mean? Each cab is individually owned and run, so finding a cab was pretty difficult. Given that there were 100,000 in a town of 110,000, they did a pretty good job at getting people to where they needed to be.

Guess what . . . The Leafs won 3-2 in a shootout!

The walk from The Big House to downtown was a sea of red and blue jerseys. It was a neat atmosphere because although there were no stand out people that were loud about winning, everyone was walking together as though they knew each other and truly living this great moment. 

Finding a place to have a few beers and dinner downtown was horrendous - every bar and restaurant was packed with at least a 2 hour waiting list. We ventured down one of the main streets and came across this German bar called Heidelberg. After visiting Germany this past summer (view post here), I can say that this place did a spot on job at recreating that German feel!

We sat in the basement amongst a handful of Toronto fans which was pretty awesome. A few of the boys got a 'das boot' which is either a litre or two of beer in a glass shaped liked a boot. To keep with German tradition, you are not allowed to place 'das boot' on the table until your full beer is finished. I was pretty proud that they boys almost made it to the end without putting their beers down!

If you are in the area and happen to pop into this spot, make sure you ask for Vincenté. He literally ran the entire basement bar and was top drawer. Not only was he a rockstar but he got to know our table and truly helped make this historic night in hockey history memorable.

Happy birthday to my boyfriend Nathan! So proud of you with all that you have accomplished over the past few years and the man that you are today. Thank you for always supporting me and helping me follow my dreams.

Did you go to the game and nearly loose all your toes and fingers? 

Tell me about your experience!

xo sara