Saturday, December 7, 2013

lotus leaf pressdays 2014 fashion preview

I was welcomed with treats, drinks and goodies at the newly renovated office of Lotus Leaf for their 2014 #PRESSDAYS. After viewing the lineup before I visited in the afternoon, I was pretty excited because I'm a huge fan of a lot of their brands. I was so impressed with the new trends and it looks like 2014 is going to be a great and fashionable year!

Don't you love these cupcakes?! The little flags on them with their logo was a sweet touch.

I am all about the boyfriend watch - this fad has stayed and has turned into an instant classic. I've been rocking a boyfriend watch from Nixon for the past few years. It has been the staple to my everyday outfit and I never thought I would be able to replace it . . . Until I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs one! As soon as its available in 2014, I need to get it!

Fun fact: did you know that Michael Kors is the #2 watch in the world? Right behind Rolex. 

Dr. Martens are moving away from their historical look and bringing in a little punk into their walk. This briefcase is so handsome in all gold and leather straps. The shoes below it really caught my eye, especially the part that says, "Call 4 a good time . . . ". I wonder if that's someones actual number.

Karl Lagerfeld has an awesome line of watches coming out in the new year. This mini bust of him caught my eye - pretty awesome right? Its like a mini Karl on a chain!
Sparkly sandals? I'll take a left and a right please! Both of these styles would look perfect with Levi's cut-offs in the summer time with a cute tank top. I especially love how the soles are a dark brown and not black. Why? Black soles show light dust and white soles really show dirt.

Men's fashion is moving forward and they are quickly becoming more and more fashionable. The gentlemen never had a lot of choice - they could pick from a tie or bow tie to go along with their suit and a pair of dress shoes. Now they are keeping up with the ladies with colour, pattern and fabric. This combat boot is so handsome, it's shape and pattern has been mimicked from the oxford loafer and the two tones of leather has made this boot perfect for all seasons!

Like many ladies out there, I'm always in a rush and normally go from work right to an evening event. As much as I would like to stuff an entire outfit in my purse, more often then not it comes out looking crumbled. The Henkaa dress is perfect for all seasons, most occasions, comes in an array of lovely colours, doesn't wrinkle and can be formed into 21 different looks! 

I have been a huge lover of Mink Pink for years! Their styles are so original and they make me all so happy. If you are looking for the perfect outfit for the beach, outdoor music festival, boat cruise, etc, then this is your one stop shop. I matched this Tacos & Tequila tank with this super cute pale blue with orange roses skirt and this Nixon speaker box for my first bash of summer 2014!

This Nixon speaker box can play music for 8 hours, it's BlueTooth operated, durable aka won't break if you drop it on the hard concrete and it's waterproof! This should be inside everyone shopping list for next year.

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Check out this sky. 
p.s. punch buggy no punch backs!

Thank you Lotus Leaf Team for showing me the 2014 styles!

xo sara

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