Sunday, December 15, 2013

find something at saatchi

I took art history all throughout high school and college and loved every day of it. Learning about expression and emotion from art and why the artist created their masterpieces always fascinated me. When I visited Europe earlier this year with Susie, it was as if all of my dreams became reality and I finally got a sense of why people painted the way that they did. Walking around the European streets, nibbling on a delicious desserts or striking up a conversation with a total stranger was invigorating and made me want to express how I felt at that very moment. 

As I mature, I find myself looking at art more seriously. I will know I have finally become an adult when I purchase my first real piece of artwork. Browsing through online art galleries is soothing and something I do quite often. I can always find something at Saatchi because they have a great selection and there are always new artists being featured. Below are a few favourites:

{All images from Saatchi}

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