Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas wrapping party

Let's all face it, wrapping paper is expensive and all the good patterns are gone by the beginning of December. Why not make your Christmas wrapping time a fun event by doing it with friends or family? Make a new tradition and host your very own Christmas wrapping party this season!

I love wrapping with craft paper because it allows for a blank and smooth canvas. I prefer wrapping my gift first and then painting the design - this helps your design be perfect on each side.

* Note that in my experience, when I paint the craft paper with PARA Paints, it did not bleed through

To paint the snowmen on one side, take 3 sizes of circle sponges and dab away!

If you would like to create a chevron pattern, use painters tape, scissors for a clean edge and wait until the paint has dried before you peel off the tape.

All of the girls showing off their wrapped gifts and ornaments below.

Thank you ladies for making this the most memorable Christmas wrapping party yet!

* Please note that although this is a sponsored post, all opinions about PARA Paints are my own

xo sara

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