Tuesday, December 31, 2013

let's celebrate 2013

2013 has been an awesome year and one I will never forget - I have learned more than I ever thought I would I have a handful of people to thank. I hope you all surround yourselves with friends this evening as you welcome in the new year with a glass of champagne in your hand!

xo sara

Monday, December 30, 2013

how to bring in the new year

The Glitter Guide always has such adorable party ideas so I frequently visit their blog to see what their latest entertaining tricks are. The classic colours for a New Years party are silver, gold, white and black - don't forget to add lots of sparkle too!

Make your own disco ball? Yes please!

xo sara

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas wrapping party

Let's all face it, wrapping paper is expensive and all the good patterns are gone by the beginning of December. Why not make your Christmas wrapping time a fun event by doing it with friends or family? Make a new tradition and host your very own Christmas wrapping party this season!

I love wrapping with craft paper because it allows for a blank and smooth canvas. I prefer wrapping my gift first and then painting the design - this helps your design be perfect on each side.

* Note that in my experience, when I paint the craft paper with PARA Paints, it did not bleed through

To paint the snowmen on one side, take 3 sizes of circle sponges and dab away!

If you would like to create a chevron pattern, use painters tape, scissors for a clean edge and wait until the paint has dried before you peel off the tape.

All of the girls showing off their wrapped gifts and ornaments below.

Thank you ladies for making this the most memorable Christmas wrapping party yet!

* Please note that although this is a sponsored post, all opinions about PARA Paints are my own

xo sara

Saturday, December 21, 2013

love the design

I discovered Love The Design on Instagram and have been obsessed ever since. Christine created the store in March 2011 in Summerhill in Toronto as a space to showcase her artwork and favourite vintage finds. My mom and I popped into the store for the first time and loved everything! Below are a few vignettes.

Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Tuck Shop Trading Co makes cozy winter hats with areas of Toronto and Canadian lakes. Check out their website to see if they have your cottage stomping ground or Toronto hood here. You can also visit Love The Design to see what they have in the store.

xo sara

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

giveaway :: christmas at the jacaranda tree

The Jacaranda Tree always manages to create a warm and inviting space all year round. I especially love visiting during the Christmas time because the store is top to bottom and front to back decked out in glitter and festive cheer. As I walk around the store, I feel the creaky hardwood floors beneath my feet while listening to classical music in one ear and chitter chatter from customers in the other. This place makes me feel completely happy. 

This vignette at the front door completely caught my eye! For starters, how adorable are those little Jack Russell dogs and silver bone ornaments? I bought one for my Jack Russell for Christmas! I also totally have that book - it has tons of super cute dogs inside.

These Kate Spade POP, FIZZ, CLINK! holiday cards are amazing! 
I picked up 3 boxes while I was visiting the store - could not resist!

This broach is stunning! It has been recreated out of vintage stones. 

Keep your wine bottles fashionable and cozy warm!

At your next dinner party, put one of these decorated boxes below with a chocolate inside as party favour at each placesetting. A little something special for your guests!

Candy cane and chocolate deliciousness! Perfect for stocking stuffers.

Giveaway :: Silver + Gold Party Items The Jacaranda Tree & Co

When you have a holiday party, make sure you are stocked with napkins, candles and something delicious for dessert. Why not embellish your cupcakes with this sophisticated set with decorated cups and and assortment of reindeer on toothpicks for the top!

I always go to The Jacaranda Tree before I have a party or dinner - they always have just the right items to make my evening a success! 

The ladies at the Jacaranda Tree have kindly gathered these items from the store for a giveaway! 

The value of this gift is $85.

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Ends December 22nd 2013. 
Good luck!

xo sara

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

love snow

If you live in Toronto then you are fully aware of the massive snow fall we got over the weekend. I honestly think I can count on one hand the amount of times it has snowed like this before Christmas and stayed on the ground. When the first snowfall hits, I typically stay inside and hide away from the great outdoors. This time it was a big different - I put on my winter gear and headed outside to play around in the white fluffy flakes!

:: Super Awesome Deal! ::

Still don't have that new winter coat for the season? Well it's your lucky day/week! Raindrops in Yorkville is offering 40% to my readers by mentioning #WWRAINDROPS at purchase until December 21st, 2013. I've had my eye on this trench coat - everyone should have one!

Only 2 days left to win the toiletry case from Oughton worth $125!

xo sara

Monday, December 16, 2013

giveaway :: masculine monday

It's been awhile since I did a Masculine Monday post so I thought I would welcome the tradition back with a giveaway! How do we like our men? Tall, dark and handsome, am I right? We also don't mind them being fashionable and well-groomed. 

It is up to us ladies to let the men in our lives know that they too can have delicious smelling soaps and hand creams in their bathroom. Packaging over the years has made items more desirable for men with the use of masculine colours and materials. Some of us gals have taken a liking to these products too!

{Images one, two, three}

Giveaway :: Masculine Gift Set from The Jacaranda Tree & Co

Finding gifts for my dad, brother and boyfriend is tough because they are simple men but also like handsome gifts. Men's clothing and accessories are hard to come by so when I find a place that has a dedicated men's section, I feel like I've found gold! 

The Jacaranda Tree is primarily a home d├ęcor and gift store gearing towards women but they have a year round mens section! This includes gorgeous hardcover books, soaps, lotions, gloves, scarves, day planners, keychains and more. Since the store is a boutique, they have carefully chosen only the best!

The ladies at the Jacaranda Tree have kindly gathered handsome items from the store for a giveaway! 

The value of this gift is $100.

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What's inside the gift bag:
1. Car fragrance
2. Bottle opener keychain
3. Crabtree & Evelyn bath set
4. Bar of Savon French soap
5. Skull match box
6. Velvet moustache ornament
7. Red gift bag

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Ends December 22nd 2013. Winner will be announced December 23rd, 2013.
Good luck!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

find something at saatchi

I took art history all throughout high school and college and loved every day of it. Learning about expression and emotion from art and why the artist created their masterpieces always fascinated me. When I visited Europe earlier this year with Susie, it was as if all of my dreams became reality and I finally got a sense of why people painted the way that they did. Walking around the European streets, nibbling on a delicious desserts or striking up a conversation with a total stranger was invigorating and made me want to express how I felt at that very moment. 

As I mature, I find myself looking at art more seriously. I will know I have finally become an adult when I purchase my first real piece of artwork. Browsing through online art galleries is soothing and something I do quite often. I can always find something at Saatchi because they have a great selection and there are always new artists being featured. Below are a few favourites:

{All images from Saatchi}

xo sara