Monday, November 4, 2013

the social

My gal pal Rebecca and I went to the set of The Social in Toronto for the first time and had a blast! Upon entering the building, you are greeted and guided to a 'hang out' lounge with music blasting to get you in the social mood.

The Social is co-hosted by Melissa Grelo (@melissagrelo), Cynthia Loyst (@cynthialoyst), Lainey Lui (@LaineyGossip), and Traci Melcho (@stayfabulous) as well as a daily guest and they chat about what's going on in our wonderful city and the world. They like to get right down to the nitty grittys and don't hold back. These women are flat out fabulous as they share their tips and stories with people around the globe.

The show loves to interact with fans and people watching at home by creating conversations via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Make sure you watch these women with your iPhone, computer or iPad, ready with your questions!

Tickets are free and you can get them at

We got a picture with Lainey! She rocks and you should read her blog. Enough said.

xo sara

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