Wednesday, November 27, 2013

99 bottles at west elm

Melissa from The Sweet Escape organized a blogger brunch in Liberty Village on the weekend. It was awesome to be able to chitter chatter with fellow lifestyle and design bloggers about the ins and outs of their blog. Honestly, when you bring a group of women together, usually the last thing on their minds is to help people. With this group? The complete opposite. I felt like I could ask any silly question that came to mind and I got a handful of honest answers. Looking forward to the next get-together! 

- If you are a Lifestyle blogger and live in Toronto, ask to join the Facebook group here -

Since we were in the neighbourhood, we had to check out West Elm. Not sure who I am to give props to, but two big high-fives to whoever transformed the store to the holidays! It felt like I was walking around a cute supply base store - you know, the ones they have in cottage country with the lanterns, mugs, etc. 

This mug below caught my eye for obvious reasons. Love everything and anything with this song. I should probably get 99 of these bottles, right? Buy it online here.

Not sure why this line rings a bell? Watch this YouTube video:

How sweet are these plates - brings so much joy to my heart!


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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

shopping with the beckerman sisters at j.crew

Last Saturday I attended a shopping evening hosted by the Beckerman sisters at J.Crew. The store was buzzing with chitter chatter and delicious mini treats as we all browsed the store looking at the latest and greatest of the season. I am always so impressed with the vignettes around the store and the way that each season J.Crew is able to make their classic look more and more dazzling.

Below is an edgy classic weekend/evening outfit with some of my favourite items of the season

Thank you for a great evening and this beautiful bracelet!

xo sara

Friday, November 22, 2013

staple + statement fashion pieces

I was told that you need to have good staples and statement pieces in your closet which can be dressed up or down. What does this mean? If you wear one statement piece like a chunky necklace for instance, then it can be worn with a cute pair of booties, jeans and simple top. Your staples don't have to cost a lot either, they just need to be a classic basic that can set off your statement pieces. Statement pieces are often tricky to buy because they can be expensive but if you spend a little bit of time looking, you might find that perfect item.

My mom always knows how to cheer up my day. She came home with these stunning earrings a few days ago from Kate Spade. They look heavy and sophisticated but are actually as light as a feather! I bought this chunky necklace at Aldo Accessories for $30. I'm serious, $30! People actually stop to ask where I bought it. Goes to show you that you don't always have to spend a lot to get a good statement piece! 

Holt Renfrew always manages to have the best holiday displays 

Did you know that Cole Haan has the comfort technology of a nike running shoe? They placed it inside their loafers so they are super comfy. Needless to say, its like crack for your feet (I guess these are Rob Ford's favourite shoes).

ps - Cole Haan likes this picture on my Instagram!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

p.s. i made this at holt renfrew

Every few months, Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street in Toronto hosts a blogger who has a book. This is such a special event because you get to have a few minutes of one-on-one time with a fellow blogger who was once like you (petite and only trying to spread her love through the world of blogging). 

Last year I met Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Read the blog post here.

This year, Holts hosted Erica from P.S. I Made This where she was featuring her latest book, P.S. You're Invited. I running around all on Saturday afternoon so I managed to sneak in right at the end! I like to think that I'm a crafty person, but I'm not nearly as crafty as Erica. Her blog is so user friendly and in the simplest way possibly, she takes you from beginning to end on a craft. 

Check her out, you will feel inspired to make your own DIY project!

Fashion bloggers, Callie + Sam Beckerman from Beckerman Bite Plate was also there. I guess the way to meet bloggers is to go to blogging events! They are both super awesome and sweet. 

If you love seeing little fluffy dogs dressed up, then follow them on Instagram
They always manage to make me giggle

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

lychee, rose & raspberry marshmallows

The holidays are all about baking and being together with friends and family. When I saw this recipe for lychee, rose + raspberry marshmallows, I knew I had to share it with you! They look like winter with a little bit of spring sprinkled on top - adorable!

- For baking instructions, please visit Raspberri Cupcakes -

{Images from Raspberri Cupcakes}

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

jackie beale | toronto photographer

It seems like most people these days think they are a photographer - we can't help it! Photo apps make us believe that if we snap a pic on our phone, throw a trendy filter on it and post it all over the internet that we have what it takes to capture the true essence of a moment. In most cases, not quite. Jackie Beale is a rare find because her photography is so effortless and natural. Not only is she STUNNING but her photography makes me want to be wherever she is. Below are some of my recent favourites of hers.

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ps - intrigued by this bike installation? Read more about the artist here

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Friday, November 15, 2013

vest + rain boot love

November is a funny time of the year as the temperature fluctuates like crazy, making it difficult to know how to dress when you leave the house. You can often find me in my rain boots with big wooly socks, a pair of jeans, comfy sweater and cuddly vest. 

The key ingredient to a warm and dry fall outfit are the staples - a vest and rain boots. Finding good quality items (that are cute at the same time) is tough, but I discovered this amazing brand, Joules, that has carefully created the most classic styles with a bit of a flair. Below I have paired a few styles together from their collection, what do you think? 

- Visit their website and match one of their vests + rain boots for your perfect combination -

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

making a list + checking it twice

Christmas is right around the corner and I hate to admit it, but I'm a really organized and on top of everything last minute shopper. Finding that perfect gift sometimes just isn't out there OR you find it in the middle of summer and end up keeping it for yourself. Opps!

This year I am determined to start early and make sure each person is looked after. I found this super cute Christmas gift list printable on A Pair Of Pears blog and you can download here too!

 {Images via A Pair Of Pears}

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

enchanting kitchen by sarah richardson

Kitchens are meant to be the 'hub' of the home where people gather at all times of the day. When looking to buy or sell your home, the kitchen can quite often be the deciding factor on whether or not the home is right for you. In the case of a particular young couple, they found their dream home that had lots of potential, except for the kitchen. Enter Sarah Richardson and her HGTV Real Potential team where they helped this couple see the Real Potential of this home by renovating the kitchen!

With a classic white design like this, it is the accents like the backsplash and hardware that give this kitchen a unique look. These crystal and gold twin pendents are what caught my eye - have you ever seen something so quant and beautiful before?

Sarah replaced the wall between the kitchen and living room and replaced it with 
an island with lots of storage. This also completely opened up the space!

Sarah extended the kitchen into what used to be the mud room for additional storage. If you have the space, make your cabinets run ceiling to floor for a completely customized and symmetrical look.

{Images from HGTV}

Be sure to watch 2 back to back episodes of Sarah Richardson's Real Potential
9pm + 9:30pm on Thursdays on HGTV Canada

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Monday, November 11, 2013

holiday office chair love

Decorating for the holidays doesn't always have to be done at home. Why not jazz up your office with some comfortable and colourful office chairs? Finding the perfect chair can be difficult sometimes and most places I visit have a small selection. I always enjoy browsing through Lakeland Furniture because they have a great variety and their colours are always super punchy!

Don't be afraid if you think these chairs are too festive, a colourful chair all year round is the perfect way to keep you smiling throughout the work day! A little bit of colour might be all your office needs for a little sprucing up!

Pricing of chairs available at

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

retro modern nursery

I've always imagined nurseries to be simple, white and serene until I started blogging. Why? Bloggers (and Pinterest) have opened my eyes to a whole new world of design. So, why don't you make your babies room just as hip and happening as the rest of your home? Start with dramatic wallpaper and paint to accompany it. Dress the room with soft furnishings and creative bold accents like lighting and artwork. 

Get all the other babies (and moms) talking at the playground about your nursery!

ps - love this furniture? Find out where to buy it here


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