Sunday, October 27, 2013

delicious food show toronto

Once a year, Toronto is home to the Delicious Food Show where chip trucks, gourmet chefs, bakers and celebrities come to town to show off their latex, greatest and most delightful creations. The show was opened up by none other than the incredibly talented and love, Martha Stewart. Her excellent attentions to detail and mature pallet had made her a leader in the food and lifestyle industry.

New to the food scene, Pluck Tea has wowed blogger, media and your regular tea enthusiasts. Together, beside the main stage, Pluck Tea and Petite and Sweet landscaped their table beautifully by pairing specially tea beverages with yummy baked good. This was the perfect morning delight! 

Pluck Tea is the new kid in town and is getting notice, with their rich distinct taste, carefully selected ingredients and clean packaging, Pluck is making a name for themselves in the gourmet tea world. You can taste their tea at Nota Bene and the Shangri La and purchase some for yourself at McEwan or at their online boutique at here.

Tea sommelier, Jennifer Cummins (below), Pluck's creator and owner, has carefully selected the best ingredients from Prince Edward County and package the tins in down town Toronto. Source from ethical tea partnerships, sustainably managed tea gardens, local, organic, and blended in small batch, Pluck Tea is environmentally conscious, and tastefully delicious.

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Martha cutting the inaugural cake made by Petite and Sweet
(I was literally this close, yes, right in front of the cake!)

Aw shucks, look at Steven, Chris and Martha have a great time in one of her kitchens!

Okay, how cute is this mini outdoor pizza oven? If I had a place to put it, I would have totally picked one up at the show! This is such a great idea for condos or small porches - also a great conversation starter at a BBQ or a fabulous 'new home' gift! You can pick one up at

 There are times in my life when I swear I could live off cheese I love it so much. When I discover a new brand, I go nuts! Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese has two flavours I could not get enough of - Handeck which was a hard cheese and 5 Brothers which one the grand prize of cheeses! 

A La Carte has delicious salad dressings - my favourite was the truffle lemon + herb!

I could not get enough of this AMAZINGLY carved fruit display!

{Images by Sara} 

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