Wednesday, September 25, 2013

susie's birthday at weldon park

Today is my best friends birthday and I along with lots of our friends were able to surprise her! In case you're wondering where you have heard her name before, Susie is the person I travelled around Europe with earlier this year for 2 months! 

Weldon Park is a new bar which opened at the end of this summer on College street in Toronto. They were so accommodating, they gave us bottles of champagne to help celebrate Susie's birthday, a section of the bar so we could all be together and had bowls of candy everywhere for us to nibble on.

This bar is the place to go to if you love dancing, good food + drinks, great music and a small yet spacious place to enjoy an evening with your friends. 

Thank you Wesley and Jeff for making this such an incredible night!

xo sara

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