Friday, September 27, 2013

helping send kids to camp

I had the pleasure of attending the "Ontario Here & There Art Show" at the Toronto Evergreen Brick works. This Taylor Statten Camping Bursary Fund raises money each year to be able to send kids in need to camp. This year they sold paintings and woodwork by Canadian artists of Canadian landscapes to help support.

The evening was a huge success with raising over $15,000! Lindsey Deluce was there as well as her team from CP24 to capture what was happening on this special evening. Below are some images I snapped of the night and at the bottom is where you can keep up in touch and find out about the next event.

Below I'm with Annie who went to a Taylor Statten Camp! 

She was a great date this evening and she knew so many of the places in the paintings too!

{Images above taken by Sara}

View pictures from the event taken by Jennifer Morden here

Check out the event and updates on Facebook and Twitter

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