Monday, August 26, 2013

gentlemen of the road with mumford & sons

This summer has been an adventure starting with going to Europe for 2 months with my closest and dearest friend. I then starting an amazing job at a PR company in Toronto the day after my return home from travelling. Although I haven't been able to go to any music festivals this summer, I was able to go to the "Gentlemen of the Road" camping weekend in Simcoe, Ontario. 

I have been dying to see Mumford & Sons play live and this past weekend I got to experience something magical. This band is capable of exciting a crowd, making them go nuts and then within moments make them silent. If you know that they are coming to your city/town, go and see them!

- A flower crown is a must-have at any summer music festival. I purchased mine from H&M -

When we arrived at the camp grounds, there were flower children and tents everywhere. Everyone was singing, having a good time and ready for a fantastic weekend. There were about 12 of us all together and we all pitched our tents side by side to make a nice little compound. I didn't know any of the bands playing on the first evening so this venue was a great way to get to know these bands!

Clearly my friends Jasper, Jordan and Nathan were having a great time!

ps . . . if you like beautifully unique photography, check out Jasper's website here

A local beer company wrapped their beer cans with the "Gentlemen of the Road" logo to make for a fantastic fan favourite. The line up for their beer tent was ginormous! So happy that everyone was supporting the local beer company.

How Woodstock circa 1970 is this photo below?!

"I Will Wait"

All of the bands playing together

Having the proper footwear is so import especially when attending a massive festival. No one wants to be around a buzz kill who has to sit after a few songs because their feet hurt. I have been married to the brand Orthaheel for years because of their addictive footbed. Each of their sandals has a built-in orthotic which helps with knee, back, hip and foot pain and gives you the comfort and support you need. When packing for this trip, I made sure that both myself and my boyfriend had a pair of these comfy sandals! I even noticed a few other fellow music lovers wearing Orthaheel's at the festival!

A little dirt never hurt anyone!

I always travel with my travel buddy, Monkey!



{Images taken by Sara, Nathan & Pamela}

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