Sunday, June 16, 2013

toasty warm in madrid, spain

Hot, hot heat was was the first and last thing we felt while visiting Madrid! Since they are right in the middle of Spain, they rely of lots of plants and water features to keep the city cool. The whole city is covered in trickling fountains with lots of greenery and are embellished with lights at night for a soft and romantic glow.

Susie and I visited the beautiful gardens of the palace in the middle of town. It was such a hot day without a cloud in the sky - all I wanted to do was dive into a pool but there was not one in sight! Therefore, I pretended like I was swimming amongst the garden! It wasn't the refreshing feeling I was going for but it did take my mind off the heat.

We were never hungry while we were in Madrid - the amount of food they give you is unreal! Upon entering a restaurant, they give you a platter of breaded food with meat and cheese. This is like their "Hey, thank you for coming into our restaurant! Let us fill your tummy with delicious Spanish food for free!" We didn't realize this was the case so we also ordered lots of meat and peppers as well as many (many, many) Mojitos! It was a delicious Spanish evening!

Right in the middle of the Madrid train station was a pond with trees and hundreds of turtles! It almost didn't look real but after seeing all of the dozens of tourists taking pictures, I was certain that those little fellas were real!

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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