Sunday, May 12, 2013

where to have dinner on the island of ios

Greek Tapas
Step into magical little nook of hanging pink flowers and fairy lights all above. This is the perfect place to come with friends where you can all share delicious traditional Greek dishes. There were two pages of scrumptious options of appetizers, fish, meat, salad, etc. We came here two nights and were blown away each time. The staff are adorably charming and were very helpful with pickin out great options. I had the best Greek salad ever here! You have to get one! At the end of the meal, both times we were given a few shots each of the traditional Greek drink, Ouzo!

Lord Byron
This restaurant came highly recommended by the locals and on tripadvisor. There is a large patio out front which minimalist decorative accents where as the interior is decked out head to toe in trinkets and sea shells. Come here for a fun evening of great food and a wide selection of decadent cocktails. 

You must order the beet bruschetta, it was unreal. We almost cancelled our mains and just ate a few servings of this all night!

Right across the lane is a bar with cheap drinks! This is a great spot to go before the bar for some delicious deals. You will know right away which one I'm talking about, every time we walked by a woman would call out to us the drink specials of the night!

How to save money on food
There are many fresh grocery stores within the Chora which is very convenient. We bought fresh fruit so we would have healthy snacks during the day and at night in our rooms. Don't bother with buying water bottles, all around the city are water fountains with drinkable water! *Do not drink the tap water in Greece*

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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  1. What's wrong with the tap water there? I drink it all the time. The tap water in the States especially where fracking is involved is more toxic--don't even get me started on the GMO's in foods in the States.

    1. We were told not to drink the tap water in Greece so we stayed away from it just to be safe. Thanks for following my travels!

      xo sara


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