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{when in rome} the sites + museums

We were both so excited to visit all the famous museums and sights of Ancient Rome! Since we only had until 4:30pm today to see everything because we had to catch a train to Amalfi, we mapped out our route around the city to maximize our time. I highly recommend doing this so you don't waste time backtracking!

The Colosseum was our starting point of the day as it is very easy to get to and was the closest to our hostel. We lucked out with only having to wait in line a short while when we got there around 9:45am. If you get there later in the day or during a more touristy time, I would suggest going to one of the other sites and getting your ticket there. The ticket gets you into all three areas, Palatino+Foro+Mostra+ Colosseo, and it good for a full 2 days. The price of the ticket is 12€.

They are slowly putting in a floor in the middle of the Colosseum which was really cool to see!

Sistine Chapel
If you do anything is Rome, visit The Vatican Museum. The line can be quit long in the morning but usually dies down a lot in the afternoon. Allow yourself at least 2-3 hours inside the museum as there is so much to see. 

Do you know who this guy is? Yes, it's Homor! We visited his tomb in Greece. Check out the post here

There is no photography or talking inside The Sistine Chapel which was lovely. Grab a seat along the wall and let yourself get sucked into the incredible art and history in the room. 
* I highly recommend getting an audio guide as it will make your visit much more enjoyable 

* You might be tempted to get a tour from one of the million selisators outside but try and hold back. You will be stuck in a tour with 30 people slowly going through the museum. 

Leonardo Da Vinci Museum
This museum showed Leonardo's sketches and plans for machines and other incredible things. They have made his plans life-like by building lots of his inventions. It was fun to walk around and truly see first hand just how much of a genius he was! 

Old Bear Restaurant 
While wandering the streets at night we stumbled upon this charming restaurant. It was on a hidden cobble stone street with vines hanging over the patio. 

We both had traditional Rome dishes. Our appetizer was similar to bruschetta with baked cheese on toasted baguette and fresh tomatoes on top. This was to-die-for! So delicious! Susie had a fish pasta and I had a cheese pasta as our mains. 

Restaurant details:
00186 Roma
Via dei Gigli d'Oro, 3
Tel: 06.68210009

This is a waterfountain in Rome. I think Toronto sould get one like this!

M & J Place
This hostel is right beside the train station and the cheapest place we could find. The only time we spent there was to sleep. There isn't anything special about the rooms and there is a club/bar right beside it that stays open super late. If you are looking for a decent place to have a good nights sleep, I would go elsewear. 
* They only have wifi in the lobby

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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