Sunday, May 26, 2013

the old town of dubrovnik, croatia

I have been looking forward to visiting Croatia for awhile and it did not disappoint! We stayed in the Old Town of Dubrovnik which is surrounded by marble walls and floors. The beaches were lots of fun and a great place to meet people and relax. Before making the first plunge into the water, be careful! The waves are very strong and can push you right back to shore. We floated in the sea for ever and just let the waves guide us around. This was one of my most favourite parts of the trip so far! 

Cable Car
Take the big orange cable car up the mountain for the best view of the city. Of course I had to represent Toronto and wear my Blue Jays T-shirt. I could not believe how many people came up to me and introduced themselves because they too were from Toronto! There is a way to walk up and down the mountain but I do not recommend it. We walked down and it's half on the highway and not clearly marked.
* Note to self - if you want to easily meet other Canadians while traveling, wear Canadian gear!

Walking the Old Town Walls
This is a must if you are visiting Dubrovnik! You are taken through time as you walk along the winding streets and tall marble walls. There are loads of restaurants that spill out onto the streets with charming awnings and delicious food. We walked around and viewed prices on menus to see where the cheaper ones were. You will be heckled to go in restaurants! 

There is always time to be a tourist and have fun!

Make sure you have stable sandals or running shoes. It rained while we were walking the walls so it was very slippery - good thing I have my amazing Orthaheel walking shoes to keep me stable! These shoes have been a complete life saver while travelling because of the built-in orthotic. If you pronate like I do, I strongly recommend getting a pair for your next trip!

The Island of Lokrum
Do you watch Game of Thrones? This is where a few episodes was filmed! The entire island is covered in peacocks and beautiful flowers! Walk around and discover the plant and wildlife of this magical island. 

To get to Lokrum Island, take a ferry over from the Old Town. 

We swam in the Dead Sea! It was such a refreshing and relaxing experience! 

We found a random outdoor gym and worked out (played) on it for a bit. It really is such a good idea to have this available to the public! I wonder why Toronto doesn't have a few?
The War Photo Museum is two floors of incredible war images from around the world that have been captured on film. Each photograph tells a moving story. 

Admission 30KN

Cold Drinks + A Beautiful View
We were never sure of the name of this place but the signs leading up and outside of this restaurant said "Cold drinks and a beautiful view". Naturally, we wanted both those things and we were not disappointed! Through a hole in the wall on the Old Town is a restaurant built on the side of the water. Trust me when I say, this place is a must see! 

This hostel is located right in the middle of the old town. Although there might not be any incredible views of the sea, you are made to feel right at home by the hospitable staff. The rooms are clean and the common area is bright blue with lots of seating and computers for the guests. 

Hospitality     ****
Cleanliness    ****
Location        ****
* There is wifi throughout the hostel and complimentary bread, cereal, coffee, tea and juice in the morning.

Thanks for a great stay Maria!

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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