Thursday, May 30, 2013

split, croatia | the zoo, views + markets

This beautiful place is covered in marble, has a stunning waterfront and loads of shops and delicious restaurants. During our time here the weather wasn't the warmest or dryest but luckily we had our MEC rain gear to help us trek around town!

We walked up the steps to Marjan which leads to the zoo and has magificent views of the city all the way up! The zoo was 10 kunas and we got to see a lion, an ostrich, monkeys, a bear, goats, reindeer, lots of birds, lambs, bunnies and much more. The bunnies were so cute and there were so many both babies and mamas and papas! It didn't look like they had any food so we fed them a leaf or two or ten.

Just a bit further up from the zoo is the highest point along the path to Marjan. 
 Here you will find a beautiful view of the city!

There is a massive market in the middle of the city! You can buy fresh cheese, meat, vegetables, fruit, flowers, olives and nuts! We got a few things to make our own charcuterie plate! It was all so fresh and delicious accompanied with a glass of red wine!

Happy birthday to my friend Cam in Toronto! Hope you had a good one!

{Images by Sara + Susie}

It was tempting to do sail Croatia while we were over here. Have you done it or plan on going this summer?

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