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rome, italy | how to spend a free afternoon

Rome has impressed its visitors for about 3000 years because the city holds so much history all within a small area. I visited Rome nearly 10 years ago in the dead heat of summer which didn't make for an enjoyable time. I had low hopes for this second trip but was blown away. The weather was perfect and there was a small fraction of the amount of tourists as there were the last time.

We arrived about mid afternoon today so it was too late to visit any museums. Since it was still warm and sunny, we decided to visit all the free outdoor sights!

Trevi Fountain
This was such a strikingly bold masterpiece! The Trevi Fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi in 1732 which illustrates Neptune's chariot being led by Tritons. Along with every other tourist there, we made a wish and flicked a coin into the fountain. It's a great idea to sit on the steps and just watched the water flow over the statues. 
* Fun fact: about €3000 is thrown into the Trevi Fountain everyday!

Had to have a classic tourist shot of my feet wearing my much loved Orthaheel athletic shoes!

Spanish Steps
The Spanish Steps were grand but it's a place you don't need to spend much time at. We walked to the top, took some pictures then walked back down. Across from the steps is the Via dei Condotti which holds the high end shops of Rome. The interior design of each store was over the top and surprisingly weren't packed with tourists which was nice.

Piazza del Popolo
Here you will find a beautiful square which was built in 1538 to connect three roads. In the center of the square is a large fountain with 4 lions on each corner. 

These two guys were remarkable! We walked around them many time and couldn't find a string or secret pole. The bottom man was 100% holding up the man above him by one hand!

Villa Borghese
Go up the steps from Piazza del Popolo to Villa Borghese just before sunset and look over the beautiful city as the sun goes down. Villa Borghese is Rome's most popular park with lots of lucioua greenery. There were guys playing guitar when we were there as we sipped on ice cold beers and looked over Rome. This was the highlight of our trip so far!

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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