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{picture perfect amalfi} reasons to visit

Your heart will stop as you drive along the coast into Amalfi. The entire town is built into the mountain with lemon trees overflowing with luscious beauty. Being there is almost like being in a postcard except it's far more incredible than you could ever imagine. Feast your eyes on Italy's hidden gem. 

I couldn't help but take a classic tourist shot of my feet overlooking the Amalfi Coast! I'm wearing my favourite pair of Orthaheel sandals called 'Fleur'. Not only are they super cute but they have a built-in orthotic footbed! Pretty cool right? Susie and I both got a pair of these for our trip and they have been amazing. Walking around on your feet all day long can be exhausting and cause serious pain so keep your feet fully supported with a pair of Orthaheel sandals!

Shout out to my incredible mom - thank you for helping me return to our favourite place on earth.

Paper Mill Amalfi
We visited the oldest paper mill in Europe located right by the port in Amalfi called Museo della Carta Amalfi. It felt like we were stepping back in time! This is where the Popes paper is all made and I was able to make a piece! 

My family visited Amalfi years ago and fell in love. As we wandered in and out of shops, eating delicious pizza and licking away at gelato, we missed this paper mill. My stepdad who greatly admires well crafted stationery would have been thrilled with this place! I guess we are going to have to visit, again! 

Pottery in Viatri
Between Amalfi and Sollerno is the quaint town of Viatri. Here you will find walls of painted tile on the outside of charming pottery stores. If you are looking for the perfect way to add to your platter collection back home, come here and personalize one to make it your own. This truly is the most authentic pottery you will find in the south of Italy. 

Prices vary between each store so I suggest browsing a bit to find the lowest price. The heavier the platter (or item) the more expensive it is to ship home. If you have the space, I would bring it along with you. 

Wander the streets of Amalfi
Since there are countless lemon trees here, the city produces tons of bottles of lemoncello! 

Pizzeria Donna Stella
We found out about this place in the Lonley Planet Europe on a Shoestring book. From the center of the town follow the signs for the restaurant. You will go up a few sets of stairs and you might feel like you are in a back-alley, this is okay it means you are going the right way. Although there are no views of the city or the water, you forget about that very quickly because you are now in a whole other world. There is a massive patio with lemon trees completely covering it. This place is something special. 

Susie and I shared bruschetta to start and each had our own pizza. The pizza was the perfect thickness and filled with juicy flavour! After a long day of walking around, we were pleasantly delighted with this pizzeria.
* It was pouring with rain when we left and the streets all the way down were like a waterful - it was interesting making our way down!

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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