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mykonos, greece | overview + tips

We had such a wonderful time exploring the island of Mykonos! We found this island as a whole more expensive than Ios. It is a more mature island and has way more boutiques and restaurants. We didn't get the chance to spend time in Santorini but have heard that it is spectacular and a must see if you're going to the Greek Islands.

When you first arrive in Mykonos, you will most likely visit Little Venice straight away. Don't be tempted to eat anywhere along the water, we made that mistake our first lunch. We were charged a cover charge (bread and water) and tax which we didn't have anywhere else. The food was okay - I had a Greek salad that didn't come with dressing and Susie had a pizza which tasted like a frozen store bought pizza. You are entirely paying for the view!

The Area of Little Venice

When you enter the area of Little Venice, right away you will notice the windmills.

The summer season hasn't quite officially started yet so there was only one place to party. We were handed free drink cards by promoters on the street and directed where to go. The Skandinavian Bar is like a complex, there are two separate bars on the ground level and a disco up top. It was a relief to come here and not be surrounded by cigarette smoke for once! The staff are all friendly and really encouraging for you to have a good time.
* Bonus: they have wifi!

The Greek Restaurants
We were so impressed by each and every restaurant in Greece. Everyone has paid great attention to detail ensuring that their guests have an unforgettable evening. We found that generally all restaurants had wifi.

Studio Eleni Hostel
We found this place on and stayed here for four nights. We were picked up from the ferry and lead to our room. Overall this place was in a great location, the wifi was finicky and the room was damp. The woman who owned the place was really nice.

How to Save Money on Food
As wonderful as it is to eat out, it was getting exhausting pulling out our wallets for every meal. We had a fridge in our room so we bought enough bread, meat, cheese, yogurt, fruits and vegetables to last us 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches. This all came to €10!

* We were advised not to drink the tap water in Greece 

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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