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how to spend 24 hours in venice

No matter how many times you watch The Italian Job, you will still be blown away with Venice. Coming here is like being in never-never land, it's magical, romantic and a place you must visit in your lifetime. The city has more canals than you could ever imagine! You will get lost in Venice but that's okay. Let it happen and discover this magical city.

* Fun facts: Venice has 20 million visitors a year and is Italy's most expensive city.

The only way to get around Venice and the cities main mode of transportation is the Vaporetta (water bus). It is €7 for one trip or €18 unlimited for the day. Take the Vaporetta down the Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco. You will know right away you have arrived when you see all the remarkable architectural beauties.

Make your way off the ferry to the Basilica di San Marco and view it's Byzantine domes, luxurious marble and luminous mosaics. The original building was burnt down in AD 932 and re-built in 1094. Admission is free and a few euros to go up to the top. There are no umbrellas or bags allowed inside so you must check them around the corner of the church before you enter.

Walk the square and gaze at all of its beauty. If you stand around a group of pigeons and put out your arm with a piece of bread, they will fly up and sit on you!

Gondola rides are very expensive. They start at €80 (€100 at night) for a quick trip and much more for a longer trip down the Grand Canal.

We wanted to stay right on the island to maximize our time there and not have to worry about transportation to and from. Fortunately we found a place on last minute for about €75 per person a night. We had landed in absolute paradise. The "hostel room" was a huge stunning flat we shared with another couple! We had our own private balcony, washroom and the fridge came with breakfast food!

Hostel Facts:
- 392 584 06 00 |
- easy and short walk from Venice train station
- mixed and female only dorms and private rooms 
- recommended in the 2013 Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring book

I looked in every cupboard of course. Wouldn't you have?

The view from our private balcony:

Hostel/Apartment Rating
Hospitality   ****
Cleanliness  ****
The View     ****
Location      ****
Price            ****
We arrived after check in time because our train was delayed. The gentlemen very kindly let us stay the night even though their policy is not to if we don't arrive before 10:30pm. 

* Keep your valuables in closed pockets or backpacks + keep an eye out for pick-pocketers + gypsies.

* You can drink the tap water in Venice

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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