Wednesday, May 15, 2013

boutique shops in mykonos, greece

While wandering the winding streets of Mykonos on our first night, we discovered a charmingly quaint area of brand new boutiques. 

Optique Boutique  
I have a great obsession with sunglasses and am always looking for the latest up-in-coming designer that hasn't hit the main stream yet. This industrial space has only been open for 2 days but looked like it was the place about town. The owner was so delightful to talk to and and excited to introduce us to new designers.

We couldn't stop reading all of the sayings that were hand written on the walls.
Such a great idea to fill up large areas and an amazing conversation starter.

Efharis Concept Boutique
We discovered this charming shop on the first day in Mykonos in search for friendship bracelets for Susie and myself. The shops began to get a bit repetitive with the same bracelets so we nearly lost hope. When we first walked into this boutique, we new we would find something special here. 

Efharis makes all the jewellery and sandals by hand in Mykonos, Greece.

Efharis has an impressive portfolio of magazine features including Bazaar + Vogue.

My jaw instantly dropped when walking into this boutique and my eyes went straight for the antique accents! The owner brought in family items and strategically placed them all around the store for an interesting balance between old and new. 

I am a suuuucker for antique bar wear! I got so giddy and excited when I found this set!

The stacks of books on the left in the image below are albums of stamps from all over the world. The owner has been collecting them since he was young. Don't worry, Canada was in there!

{Images by Sara + Susie}

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