Monday, May 6, 2013

athens, greece | the beginning of our euro trip

After being up for 24 hours, we have finally arrived in Athens, Greece! The plane was massive with 350 people on deck! We checked into our hotel at 7:30am, tossed our luggage in our room and headed straight for the Acropolis! Since today is the orthodox Easter holiday, many stores were closed. Luckily we were able to hike up and see the Parthenon and all the other incredible temples on the hill of the Acropolis, overlooking the city of Athens.

* Fun fact: the columns on the Parthenon are Doric Style
Before Susie and I began our travels, we were strongly advised to keep to ourselves. Being the friendly Canadians we are, we were making small chat with nearly everyone! Of course we were being careful but when given the opportunity, we'd jump at the chance to meet new people! 

The Parthenon was built for the Greek goddess Athena. 

Since we are tourists, we thought we would take some tourist pictures!

The seats in this Athens theatre were in pristine shape. 
Imagine going to see a play here hundreds of years ago!

{Images taken by Sara + Susie}

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  1. Did you go to the Acropolis Museum? You have too--it's amazing, then take the train down to Plaka for a meze and drink! Happy Trails.

    1. We were only in Greece for a few hours so we only saw the Acropolis which was amazing! Thanks for following!

      xo Sara

  2. Lovely pictures. Lovely people.
    Have you planned to visit Germany?
    Of course you have ;-)

  3. Looks like a great start to your trip!


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