Tuesday, March 12, 2013

white kitchen with big windows

Clean lines, simple design and a neutral colour scheme are the key ingredients to creating a serene kitchen. My secret ingredient is to always have a few vases of fresh flowers spread around the kitchen and a few pots of fresh herbs on the windowsill.  

What do you look for in your dream kitchen? 

I am a huge fan of having the counter of your island a different material. 
If you really want to customize this piece, change the colour of the cabinets as well!

Marble counters can be expensive, you have to keep them spotless from permanently staining. 

Having a whole wall of marble is a great solution!

This way, you get to have marble in your kitchen without worry or maintenance! 

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xo sara

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  1. Your whole kitchen is admirable. Interior is beautiful. Your second last picture is most beautiful. I like your wash basin and soap small bowl.


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