Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY gold leaf easter eggs

I discovered the lovely Freutcake blog today and had to share this gold and colourful DIY Easter egg project! Leah has lots of great ideas and fabulous pictures!

When I was young, we used to always decorate Easter eggs with coloured dye and make fun patterns. Below is the grown up Easter egg decorating project! These eggs would look lovely in large glass bowl or scattered around your Easter Brunch/Dinner table! If you would like some tips on how to make your table look colourful, have a look at my post that was featured at Style at Home!

If you are inspired for a little more DIY gold leaf, check out this project here!

What you will need:
 - Hard-boiled or blown eggs - dyed
 - Gold leaf glue
 - Gold leaf
 - A small paint brush

Step 1: With dry eggs, apply gold leaf foil glue in desired pattern and allow to dry completely  Glue will turn from milky white to clear and be very tacky to the touch but not wet.

Step 2: With tweezers or fingers, apply pieces of gold leaf to dried glue.

Step 3: Press gold leaf down with fingers. Gently rub gold leaf to smooth and remove excess.
Step 4: When completely finished gently rub entire egg with a paper towel to remove any loose pieces of gold leaf.

Please note: Gold Leafed Easter Eggs are best used for decoration. 

{All images and instructions are from Freutcake}

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