Sunday, March 31, 2013

cheers to a mexican easter

Before each holiday, my mom always asks the family what we would like to eat. The menu is usually lamb, roast beef, turkey, etc. This year, I have been coveting tacos and can't seem to get enough. I asked my mom if we could have fish tacos for Easter dinner (thinking she would laugh and we would have something else). She lit up, smiled and said, "yes!"

My mom is a wizard in the kitchen and can make anything. She has never made fish tacos before so she looked up a recipe, we went to the grocery store and she made absolutely everything from scratch! 

Tip: Put a few rasberries in the salsa before you blend it together - it adds a sweet delicious kick!

Here's to a new tradition . . . Cheers to a Mexican Easter! Hope you and your family's had a delicious one!

{Images taken by Sara Russell Interiors}

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xo sara

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