Sunday, March 31, 2013

cheers to a mexican easter

Before each holiday, my mom always asks the family what we would like to eat. The menu is usually lamb, roast beef, turkey, etc. This year, I have been coveting tacos and can't seem to get enough. I asked my mom if we could have fish tacos for Easter dinner (thinking she would laugh and we would have something else). She lit up, smiled and said, "yes!"

My mom is a wizard in the kitchen and can make anything. She has never made fish tacos before so she looked up a recipe, we went to the grocery store and she made absolutely everything from scratch! 

Tip: Put a few rasberries in the salsa before you blend it together - it adds a sweet delicious kick!

Here's to a new tradition . . . Cheers to a Mexican Easter! Hope you and your family's had a delicious one!

{Images taken by Sara Russell Interiors}

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xo sara

Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY gold leaf easter eggs

I discovered the lovely Freutcake blog today and had to share this gold and colourful DIY Easter egg project! Leah has lots of great ideas and fabulous pictures!

When I was young, we used to always decorate Easter eggs with coloured dye and make fun patterns. Below is the grown up Easter egg decorating project! These eggs would look lovely in large glass bowl or scattered around your Easter Brunch/Dinner table! If you would like some tips on how to make your table look colourful, have a look at my post that was featured at Style at Home!

If you are inspired for a little more DIY gold leaf, check out this project here!

What you will need:
 - Hard-boiled or blown eggs - dyed
 - Gold leaf glue
 - Gold leaf
 - A small paint brush

Step 1: With dry eggs, apply gold leaf foil glue in desired pattern and allow to dry completely  Glue will turn from milky white to clear and be very tacky to the touch but not wet.

Step 2: With tweezers or fingers, apply pieces of gold leaf to dried glue.

Step 3: Press gold leaf down with fingers. Gently rub gold leaf to smooth and remove excess.
Step 4: When completely finished gently rub entire egg with a paper towel to remove any loose pieces of gold leaf.

Please note: Gold Leafed Easter Eggs are best used for decoration. 

{All images and instructions are from Freutcake}

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xo sara

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{wedding wednesday} gold + peach dress

Why not dress up your special day with some glitz and glam? Let the inner sparkle in you shine out and dance around the room with your friends and family celebrating your wedding day. 


Friday, March 22, 2013

colourful easter brunch

Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. Spring has just begun and the flowers have almost sprung!

My family is a big fan of Easter brunch so below are some ideas on how to make your Easter table vibrant! The key ingredient to making an inviting table is colour so use it where ever you can. I always adore the mixture of vintage and new china and glassware. Our table is mixed with items my mom and I have found at antique markets and items that were passed down from generation to generation. It is always fun to reflect on these fond memories!

Use different textures, shapes and colour with food and beverages and be sure to scatter them around the table. Don't worry about keeping food with food and drinks with drinks - it's more interesting when there isn't a pattern!

See this post featured at Style at Home and see some other great blogger Easter ideas!

Since it's Easter, fill the table with eggs! 

Place a bundle of them on a decorative paper napkin 
(I purchased all of mine from the Jacaranda Tree on Mt. Pleasant in Toronto) in a chunky glass bowl. 

At each place setting is a vintage liquor glass and a few stacked plates adding a nice height to each place!

This yummy lemon loaf cake is from The Flaky Tart

{All images taken by Sara Russell Interiors}

Click the picture below to see the post at Style at Home!

I wish you and your family's a very Happy Easter!

xo sara

Thursday, March 21, 2013

stone home surrounded by olive trees

Casa nel Bosco di Ulivi was created among stone walls and white lime plaster in Morciano di Leuca, Italy nestled around olive trees and open spaces. With so much exposed stone, this really helps the casa blend into its surroundings. 

Outdoor dining areas are a huge favourite of mine and what I adore most about this one is the hanging chandelier in the trees! This home truly is a place of beauty, peace and quiet.

If I had olive trees surrounding my home, I would be making buckets of olive oil!

Images from g blog
Architecture by Luca Zanaroli Architects

Would you live in a stone home?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

first day of spring

May your day be filled with sunshine, flowers and cones of happiness wherever you are!

xo sara

{wedding wednesday} southbank, london

This charming couple were married in the winter and decided to have their wedding portraits done the following summer in Southbank, London. They seem so carefree and comfortable being themselves in front of the camera. Don't you just adore the carousel shot?!

 Images from London Bride
Photography by Katy Lunsford

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

masculine monday | dramatic lighting

This is such an interesting space with lots going on. What really caught my eye was this spectacular lighting fixture! Something this intricate and large can only be hung in a space with such high ceilings. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

white kitchen with big windows

Clean lines, simple design and a neutral colour scheme are the key ingredients to creating a serene kitchen. My secret ingredient is to always have a few vases of fresh flowers spread around the kitchen and a few pots of fresh herbs on the windowsill.  

What do you look for in your dream kitchen? 

I am a huge fan of having the counter of your island a different material. 
If you really want to customize this piece, change the colour of the cabinets as well!

Marble counters can be expensive, you have to keep them spotless from permanently staining. 

Having a whole wall of marble is a great solution!

This way, you get to have marble in your kitchen without worry or maintenance! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

masculine monday | st patrick's day attire

In just a few days is the infamous St Patrick's Day. This celebration consists of drinking lots of green beer, being with friends and of course wearing lots of green. Class it up this weekend boys . . . 


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