Thursday, February 14, 2013

jacaranda tree | valentine's day gifts

The Jacaranda Tree always has their store decked out for every season. While walking through their doors earlier this week, my eyes were amazed by all of the lovely and charming gift ideas for Valentine's day! Below are some of my favourites . . . 

Goldleaf  perfumed bubble bath by Thymes is my favourite! This is always a treat after a long day.

The Jacaranda Tree just got in a new line of candy containers in the top left image. 
They look so adorable with the vintage teacups, ice cream bowls and cake books!

Emerald is the colour of the year! Seriously coveting that emerald and diamond necklace!

I keep seeing statement broaches on jackets and blazers. 
These re-created vintage brooches are so decadent!

Sparkle, sparkle + more sparkle!

{All images taken by Sara Russell Interiors}

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xo sara


  1. I live around the corner from Jacaranda Tree and I walk by it almost every day. How have I never been in before? I'll fix that soon.

  2. Thank you Sara for the wonderful post. We love you!
    The Jacaranda Tree & Co


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