Saturday, January 12, 2013

crystal bulb | lee broom

Lighting is such an import part when designing a space. This Crystal Bulb was designed by Lee Broom and is sold separately from the inside light - so don't worry, you only have to replace the light instead of the entire piece! It can easily be the focal point to a room or even a charming accent. The bulb can be hung solo or as a lovely cluster of hanging bulbs. In the right spot, this can be the perfect lighting solution!

Find out more about the Crystal Bulb at

What do you think about these bulbs? Would you buy one for your home?

xo sara


  1. I love them! Not sure if I would have them in my home but would be beautiful in the right space.

  2. This bulb would look really good in a study!

  3. These are so pretty and glamorous! I absolutely love. I adore the way it looks when they're clustered together. Very charming!

    1. They would look stunning in a cluster!

      xo Sara


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