Monday, December 3, 2012

masculine monday | equestrian men

Horses are strong and powerful animals yet so vibrantly elegant. The equestrian style on a man reflects these characteristics. 

How do you get this look you might ask? Dress in well tailored outfits with lots or tweed, neutral colours and leather. A great accessory to your outfit is this handsome luggage bag and iPad case from Oughton Limited.

Oughton Limited makes quality equestrian bags and accessories. Their products are made from waxed canvas and trimmed in high quality leather. They are all lightweight, water resistant, very strong and tear-resistant yet very fashionable. They believe that "A great trip begins with the right bag"! 

They have recently introduced The Packing Case which is handsome and tailored. With adjustable shoulder straps and riri zippers on three sides - you really have the best of both worlds. This signature 22oz chocolate waxed canvas with top quality leather and halter hardware is the perfect man gift for the holidays. Why not customize it with his initials or surname?

 The Hunt iPad case is also a great gift for the holidays! It is well padded and fits all regular iPad sizes comfortably. It is simple and classic with a handy magnet closure. The leather patch on the front would be a great place to have his initials sewn onto it!

What is so wonderful about the 22oz waxed canvas fabric for men is that if it gets really creasy and rugged looking, simply set it out in the sun and the wax redistributes and looks like new again! 

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