Monday, October 15, 2012

masculine monday | eric clapton's patek philippe

This Patek Philippe 2499/100 calendar chronograph watch, in platinum, is the most coveted watch and happens to be in the hands of Eric Clapton. Without a doubt this is the most important watch made within the last 25 years.

The 2499 vintage Patek Philippe series of watches are incredibly rare and valuable. They were created to be the center pieces of the Patek's Geneva museum. Only 25 are still in existence and half are owned by Patek Philippe themselves. Philippe Stern decided to make two 2499 platinum watches in the highest quality of metals which were never to be for sale ... until one slipped through the cracks!

This watch was the first platinum 2499 original Patek Philippe and was first sold on April 7th, 1989 for approx. $253,300 to a large private collector.

Eric Clapton purchased this watch within the last decade and little is known about the finances that went along with this purchase. The 2499 is "the holiest of references to Patek collectors" says Hodinkee. With this watch being in one of the most talented rock stars hands who also has an impressive watch collection, it's value has only increased.

Who would of thought that out of everyone in the world, Eric Clapton owns the rarest Patek Philippe?

Have your cheque books ready for when this impecable work of art goes on sale on November 12, 2012 in Christie's Important Watches sale in Geneva with a pre-sale estimate of $2,700,000 to $4,200,000.

Images and information from Hodinkee


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