Friday, October 19, 2012

mary alice stephenson's closet

It is every woman's dream to have a fantastic closet. Mary Alice Stephenson has thought about pretty much everything in hers. All items have a home - the jewelry is in drawers, shoes and bags on shelves and dresses hanging on a hanger. Iconic images of celebrities surround the space and a simple fireplace  has been added to create the perfect ambiance. What would you love to have in your dream closet?

Bridget Bardot print - photography by Terry O'Neil

Print from the Cowboy Kate series - photography by Sam Haskins

Dresses - Naeem Khan | Shoes - Tania Spenelli
Diana Ross print - photography by Jim Britt 

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  1. Mmm... to answer your question. I will have an prep area; mirror, stool, makeup etc.. and a chaise lounge :)


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