Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY gold leaf paper mache bowls

You can never have enough dishes for your jewelry! I found this charming DIY golf leaf bowl project on the Kelli Murray Blog and had to share it with you. Happy crafting!

How to create the bowl
- blow up a few balloons in different sizes
- cut up newspaper into small strips
- with a foam brush, adhere the newspaper to the balloons using the mod podge
- the more layers you slab on, the thicker the bowl will be (the thicker the better!)
- place the balloons upside down inside paper cups and let them dry overnight
- when they are dry, pop the balloons and remove all the rubber
- cut away at the edges on the bowls to make them smooth

- paint the bowls a colour of your choice (it might take a few coats)
- let it dry completely before moving forward
- to create a polka dot pattern, buy sticker dots and place them how you like on the bowl
- brush on Golf Leaf Adhesive evenly all over the bowl (use just enough to cover the surface)

- carefully place sheets of Gold Leaf all over the inside of the bowl
- brush on with a paint brush 
- the thinner the better
- carefully remove each sticker
- seal the bowl with Gold Leaf Sealer

[All images and instructions from Kelli Murray Blog]

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  1. What a lovely DIY. I want to try it!

    xo lc

  2. You inspired me to try them!! Yours look much better than mine.
    Have a look

  3. I don't understand how the bowls sit without wobbling. How do you flatten the bottom a little?


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