Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY don't be a lunch bag let down

You might be wondering what "don't be a lunch bag let down means" - right? It refers to when you were a child and would open up your lunch bag and to your surprise have a plain and un-satisfactory lunch. Since I was young, my family and I have referred to things that let us down as a "lunch bag let down". I would like to take the time right now to thank my mom for always packing me a colourful and delicious lunch!

For the white patterned flocking:
Martha Stewart Flocking Transfer Kit
- scissors 
- cut the double sided sticker tape to size 
- apply the flocking sheet texture side down and press down with a popsicle stick
- now peal and reveal!

For a fast & simple way to create a pattern
- use a white-out stick or paint!

For the foil transfer you will need:
- double sided alphabet stickers
Martha Stewart Crafts foil sheets (foil candy wrappers do not work)
- write out your message, place the foil sheet on top with the metallic side up
- press down over the letter with a popsicle stick
- peel away slowly and voila! 

For the stamped & stitched you'll need:
- a patterned stamp (a Martha Stewart stamp was used above)
- contrats thread
- sewing machine
- stamp and stitch shut

For a simple stamp:
- go to your local craft store and either make your own or buy a pre-made one

[Images & instructions from You Are My Fave]

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  1. Great title! This is such a good idea, now my kids will have fun lunch bags!


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