Friday, July 27, 2012

[guest post] style + interiors

The lovely and talented Debra from Dustjacket 
has put together a delightful combination of high fashion and interiors. 

I love fashion and interiors, so I thought this guest post was the perfect opportunity to combine them both!

As soon as I saw these photographs, they looked like a matching combination... All exude a subdued elegance, with a glamorous undertone. The colours are beautifully understated and I'm loving the pale grey, silver, charcoal & white.

... and how stylish are Olivia & Johannes!

Thanks for having me over Sara

1,3 via belighter
2,4 via Richard Powers


  1. I love her blog and I lover your blog! Great guest post :)

  2. Stunning! Amazingly beautil spaces and fashion!


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