Friday, April 27, 2012

closet ready for summer

Now that the summer weather is slowly approaching, this is a great time to organize your closet to be summer ready! I have been pulling my dresses from the back to the front of my closet and I sorted through my winter clothes. The items I never wore went straight in the give away bag to a second hand store. Why hang on to something that is taking up closet space?

I love having all my hangers coordinate for a clean and tidy look. For wardrobe organization essentials, visit Practical Princess for all the goodies you may need!

Jenna Lyons' closet in her Brooklyn, New York townhouse



  1. Sara, what is the proper way to put your shoes in the closet, toes facing in or out?

    1. I always have my toes facing out! This lets me see more of the beautiful shoe xxx

  2. Drooling over these closets!


  3. This is brilliant!!!
    Especially because 2 days ago when I moved into in my new room for the term as a University student I realized I didn't a closet in it. Now I am so inspired and my bedroom is going to have a complete makeover!
    Thanks Sara!!!

    1. You are welcome Emily! Hope you are enjoying university :)

      xo Sara


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