Tuesday, February 21, 2012

gold in the bedroom

Gold accents can instantly add so much elegance to a bedroom.  With a few tricks, you can make your boudoir glamorous.

This boudoir is completely stunning . . . The Italian gold accents are what truly make this room a place of elegance.  The grays and crisp white sheets give an everlasting comfort and warmth to the room.

This antiqued gold mirror is a beautiful accent in this bedroom and the grouping of small prints is a lovely accent next to it.  If you are working with a small room, an oversized mirror can instantly double the size of your space!

Gigantic mirrors placed on the floor and leaning against a wall are a personal favourite of mine
and a must have in a bedroom or changing area.



  1. Gorgeous love this. I have been on the eternal search for the perfect gold floor mirror.

    You have a beautiful site!



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