Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DIY valentine's scrabble

I surprised my boyfriend Nathan on Valentine's Day with this scrabble picture.  Something so simple as this can really put a smile on your Valentine's face! 

[Image taken by Sara Russell Interiors]

What you will need:
 - Scrabble Letters
 - A glue gun
 - A picture frame 

I called a gamming manufacturer and asked for 9 scrabble letters and it was delivered within 2 weeks and for free!  Make sure you measure the size of all the letters together on a piece of paper to know what size picture frame you will need.  Now glue gun the letters down, wait at least an hour to dry, wrap and give to your Valentine!


  1. Perfect!!
    The "A"s go together so well because this must be such an A+ relationship already.

    a gift so simple, sincere, and special always sky rockets by the bling bling blings.

    oooooh just like how your clever, cool, and creative designs do too with everything else!


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