Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY chalkboard cheese platter

Impress your friends with a low budget, high style, DIY cheese platter. A simple and fun way to identify the cheeses you are serving at your next soiree . . .  pair with your favourite wine.

View this chalkboard cheese platter on the Style at Home website here along with other DIY bloggers!

You will need:
 - board (I used a scrap piece of wood from Home Depot)
 - paint brush
 - chalkboard paint (I put a piece of parchment paper beneath each piece of cheese)
 - felt pads (to place under board to protect surface)

[Step one]
I went to Home Depot and kindly asked for a scrap piece of wood which they gave me :)

[Step two]
Paint on a layer of primer paint to seal the wood. (I chose to use a tinted purple from a pervious project that I had some left over primer from).

[Step three]
Wait a few hours for the primer to dry.

[Step four]
Paint two layers of chalkboard paint leaving an hour minimum of drying time between layers.

[Step five]
Gently rub a piece of chalk on its side over the entire surface then rub off with a dry cloth (this preps the chalkboard surface from future permanent chalk mark damage).

[All images taken by Sara Russell Interiors]

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  1. Wow this is so creative

  2. Congrats on your article in Style at Home Sara!!!

  3. Congrats on this feature! Also, great DIY project!


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